Citibank Wire Transfer Limit, Fee, Routing Number & Cutoff Time

Citibank Wire Transfer is the way to send the money in the country or abroad the country.If you want to send the money through the wire transfer , You must be aware about the Citibank Wire Transfer Limit, How much feed you need to pay per wire?

It is a suitable way to transfer money from Citibank account to non-Citibank account in the country as well as internationally.You can send money within 2-4 Days.

You need some necessary information to accomplish the Citibank Wire Transfer which i am going to give in the below table.

It helps to transfer money to the recipients bank account.There are two ways to send money through Citibank wire.

  • Citibank International Wire Transfer 
  • Citibank Domestic Wire Transfer

1)International Wire Transfer Through Citibank

It is a way to transfer the money abroad the country from where you belong. Citibank International wire Transfer helps to send the money to the recipients, bank account, but you must have some instructions such as

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