Capital One Wire Transfer Limit,Fee & Cutoff Time

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Capital One Wire Transfer Limit & Cutoff Time

Hello Friends!!! You all know about Capital One Bank. It is the 10th largest bank in united states as a deposite wise. If you want to send/receive money abroad your country or in your country, Capital One Wire Transfer is the fastest mode of the payment.

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This article is specially for this purpose and for those people who want to send money abroad. Before than, You must need to know about the Capital one Wire Transfer limit. Here We share the information about two kinds of WT.Capital One 360 International Wire Transfer and Domestic Wire Transfer.You must be aware of Capital One Wire Transfer Fee & Routing Number. These all information you must need to know about it.

If you want to send or receive money through this way, You must have the send/Recipient’s account number,Bank Swift code, Routing number and other details. Without it , It’s impossible.

Capital One 360 Wire Transfer Limit

$5,00,000 per day.

Capital One 360 International Wire Transfer

International Wire Transfer to Capital One 360 Bank is the easiest mode to send money abroad the country. The sending bank and the receiving bank are connected with the Swift Network which is very much helpful for it.

Incoming International Wire Transfer Information

The Capital one is not a big bank and does not able to get the direct wire transfer because of Swift code. It does not have Swift code. The Sender is sending money from the international financial institution to the related bank in the USA. They can able to wire directly using domestic wire transfer to Capital One 360 Bank.

To make international wire transfer You must need the basic identifying information.Some additional information may be required by the country.

The Information which is helpful in the wire to transfer the money which is given below.

  • Ordering account number and the sender’s account
  • Full  Beneficiary name
  • Beneficiary Address
  • Beneficiary Telephone Number
  • Beneficiary account number
  • Beneficiary’s full bank name, bank address, SWIFT Bank Identifier Code (SWIFT BIC), and branch
    identifier if required
  • If the wire is being initiated on behalf of a third party, you’ll need the third party’s name and address
  • International Bank Account Number (IBAN), if required

Some Additional Information That May Be Required

  • Beneficiary Telephone Number
  • Beneficiary TAX Id
  • Purpose code

Intermediary Bank Details That Requires

The payment currency is different from the local currency then Intermediary bank details must necessary.

  • Intermediary Bank Swift Code
  • SWIFT Code: HIBKUS44
Beneficiary Bank Details
Bank Name Capital One NA
Routing Number Choose your Routing Number depends on which banking institution opened your account –
Capital One Bank (USA), N.A.: 051405515
Capital One, N.A.: 056073502
Capital One 360: 031176110
Address (including City, State & County) Capital One NA
1680 Capital One Drive,
Mclean, VA 22102
Phone 1-888-810-4013

Domestic Wire Transfer To A Capital One 36 Bank

Domestic Wire Transfer is the way in which You can send/receive money from capital one bank account to any bank of USA.

Step by Step Guide for Capital one Domestic Wire Transfer 

  • Go to the website then sign in.
  • Select the Go to the Transfers & Deposits tabs
  • Select the “Wire” Option
  • Fill up the online from which is provided in it.

Information That Must need  to Domestic Wire

  1. Bank Name
  2. Wire Transfer Routing Number
  3. Bank Account Number
  4. You can download the from from here.

Capital One Bank Wire Transfer Fee 

Capital one 360 wire transfer fee is given in  the below table for both international as well as domestic incoming and outgoing transfer.

Type Incoming Out Going
International $15 for each transaction $40 (if wire is in foreign currency) or $50 (if wire is in US dollars) for each transaction
Domestic $15 for each transaction $30 for each transaction

Credit Source

Capital One Wire Transfer Routing Number


Capital One Wire Transfer cut off time

all outgoing international wire transfer instructions must be received before 5 p.m. ET.

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